In 1988, four ardent golfers, who were members of the IGS Golf Society in Malaga, but lived in Nerja, decided that a society entirely devoted to the sport of golf was necessary in this area. So, word got around, and a meeting was called inviting fellow aficionados to form a golf society. From this meeting, 35 people formed the society known as the GINS. Alan Hazlehurst was the first Captain, incidentally, the meeting was held in his bar, the Upstairs Downstairs Bar, and Ken Hanks became the Treasurer and 1000 pesetas was set as the annual membership fee. He gave himself the last number, 35, and still has that membership number to this day. The other two founder members, the late Dickie Williams and the late Tony Godfrey were also on the committee. Alan designed the logo and his wife Anne Marie and Tony’s wife Jacky suggested the name G.I.N.S. The Golf International Nerja Society. The first rule of the Society was and still is, is that ‘it exists for the enjoyment of golf by anyone wishing to play it in and around the Nerja area of Spain’.



For the first three or four years the membership averaged about 175. However after 1994 they peaked at an amazing 700, settling to a more reasonable level of over 300 today. The executive committee elected annually at the AGM in March oversees the Society’s operations and at the present time, weekly competitions are organised by the three GINS Course Representatives and are held at Añoreta (Mondays), Baviera (Tuesdays) and Los Moriscos (Fridays). Additional matches are arranged on a monthly basis at golf courses in the Granada area. We also hold various functions each year, the main ones being Christmas and Captain´s Dinner Dances. There is also a four to five day golfing holiday organised each year.

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